By | 9 January 2018

Jujitsu & Judo coaches battle it out, under BJJ rules knockout fight Study Judo or Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) to learn about this.

Sode guruma jime is widely known as an Ezequiel choke (Portuguese: estrangulamento Ezequiel) in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The chokehold was renamed in memory of Ezequiel Rodrigues Dutra Paraguassu, a Brazilian judoka. Paraguassu reportedly had difficulty in passing the guards of jiu-jitsu practitioners at Carlson Gracie’s academy and instead, he had managed to use sode guruma jime successfully inside their guards.

The Sode guruma jime is an official Judo shime waza (strangling technique.) In BJJ it was nicknamed the “Ezekiel” because of Ezekiel Paraguassu, a brazilian Olympic level Judoka who competed in two Olympics and is very adept at using this particular move in matches against BJJ practicioners, he uses it mostly to compensate his difficulties in passing the BJJ’s notorious guard. (the position of attack that BJJ turn into a defensive guard.)

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